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The recruitment teams from Silver Legacy Resort Casino and Eldorado Hotel Casino provide job and internship candidates with tips on what they and other employers seek in anyone seeking employment.

Personal Appearance

  1. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.
  2. Wear long pants/skirts.
  3. Do NOT wear short skirts, t-shirts, shorts and sunglasses; the send the wrong message.
  4. Don’t wear a uniform from another business.
  5. Always shave; hair should be neat and presentable.
  6. Take care of your personal hygiene.
  7. Act interested – speak clearly, listen, have a positive attitude and maintain eye contact.


The Employment Application

  1. Supply a local address and phone number – even if temporary.
  2. If you frequently move – have an explanation why.
  3. Don’t make up dates or names – Personnel offices check.
  4. Show consecutive jobs or vocations – if not, explain all gaps.
  5. Have a resume available – one page maximum.
  6. Have a list of previous employers, their addresses, phone numbers and supervisor’s names.
  7. Take your time completing the application – it is a picture of you.
  8. Ask yourself what you can offer the company. Sell Yourself!


Following Protocol

  1. Be patient – be polite.
  2. Follow up on application. Remember the person’s name with whom you spoke.
  3. If scheduled for an interview, be prompt.



Things to Remember for an Interview.

  • Dress appropriately
  • Bring your resume
  • Greet and offer a firm handshake
  • Breathe & relax (don’t rush)
  • Act confident (& enthusiastic)
  • Listen & Answer their questions
  • Maintain eye contact and smile
  • Ask them a couple of questions (& for a business card)
  • Thank them for their time & for the interview
  • Have fun!





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