Working with Fraternity & Sorority Life

An alliance with Greek Ladders can prove to be very beneficial to Fraternity & Sorority Life offices. Founded by Greeks for Greeks, the benefits recognized through Greek Ladders are many, but none bigger than simply elevating the Greek system.

Greek Ladders provides students with a competitive advantage when pursing the careers of their choices. Students are given full access to employers in the Greek Ladders network, which they can utilize to review profiles, apply for internships and jobs, and directly interface with business leaders. Students promote their skill sets through information, podcasts, and videos on our website and directly to recruiters at our events.

The Greek Ladders network primarily focuses on two entities:

  1. Candidates - Undergraduates register into the network, where they can research and connect with employers, apply for internships and jobs, and participate in the various resources found on the website.
  2. Employers – like Students, they register into the network, where they have access to Students through their student profiles. They also manage their internship and job postings on the website and can see who’s applied for their offered positions. Employers are recruited very similarly as students.

The role Greek Ladders plays with Fraternity & Sorority Life offices can range from active, much like we do with chapters, to hands-off. The preference is to maintain a positive relationship with Fraternity & Sorority Life advisors, so that the students benefit. Because we anticipate working with groups of organizations on each campus, the relationship with Greek leaders ranks high. A strong relationship with Fraternity & Sorority Life leaders can prove beneficial in a variety of ways, including…

  • serving as a resource for leadership programming
  • being instrumental in strengthening chapters and the Greek system
  • increasing student recruitment
  • elevating the level of stature on campus
  • increasing alumni and student participation
  • connecting business leaders with students

Regardless of how students are recruited into the Greek Ladders, whether it’s through their fraternity or sorority chapter, their campus, or directly through registration, we aim to develop positive relationships with Fraternity & Sorority Life staff members on each campus from which a student is registered.

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